Ultra GTP 2 RTR
PART #34317
- Force 28 Pull Start Engine

The OFNA Ultra GTP RTR. Just one of our stable of 1/8 scale full body GTP nitro cars. Packed with all the handling goodness of the 1/10 sedans but with the power to tear the tires off the rims. These 1/8 scare terrors are based on the 1/8 scale buggy chassis but factory modified for the street. With features like 8mm axles, pillow ball suspension and full ball bearings you have to see this car to understand the quality and ruggedness of the GTP series of 1/8 pavement pounders..

The Ultra GTP RTR series of cars are ready to race, including features that other manufacturers consider optional parts. These low cost packages would be the perfect class to supplement your local parking lot race or to just get together with your buddies for some informal racing.

ABOVE: Introducing the NEW Ultra GTP Dirt Oval Chassis
PART# 34316


 Single Speed/No Center Diff

  No Body, Radio, or Engine

  Includes Pipe System, Air Filter & 3-shoe Clutch

  Street Tread Tires and Spoke Wheels

Striped Down and Specially Priced For the Dirt Oval Driver's Needs

ABOVE: An extremely rigid chassis allows the suspension do the job it was designed to do.

ABOVE: Front Suspension

ABOVE: Powerful Force .28 pullstart engines
HP: 2.7
RPM: 38,000

ABOVE: The Ultra GTP line of cars come complete with everything you need to get going right away. The racing wheels and slicks keep the traction of the car right where it should be... Low and stuck!

ABOVE: Here you can see the un-cluttered layout in detail. As you can see an emphasis has been placed on balance with everything being accessible and easily removed for adjusting or cleaning.

ABOVE: Rear Suspension

Additional Bodies Available Separately









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