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UnBox the TS2 RTR Video
Short Course has been in the game for some time and OFNA brought the first 4wd Pro Short Course to the world. Now OFNA opens itself to the 2wd class of SC with the TS2 RTR 2-Wheel Drive Short Course Truck. This RTR brings full race suspension performance just like its big brother PRO Edition. But this truck is ready to go right out of the box giving you the "Plug N Play" to hit the road. This stunning truck features a sharp looking painted body with impressive black mag wheels and deep treaded tires for that fast look. High quality and high strength composite materials provide unmatched durability on the track. A ball differential and slipper clutch keep the traction in control as they work in harmony with the motor to take on the speed and technical aspects of the tracks. Flexible front, rear and side bumpers provide the bump and run with your competitors as you dice it up for top spot supremacy. The OFNA TS2 RTR will sure offer more to the game and not just a little fun, but a "WHOLE LOTTA FUN!!"
The TS2 offers 12mm hexes with rubber sealed bearings on all four corners making it possible to buy short course wheels as options. A feature that is a must in today's RTR vehicles.
48 pitch gearing with an aluminum pinion drives the slipper clutch. The clutch is an industry standard as it has a spring adjustment for that right amount of slip for traction. This adjustment keeps the tires from getting too much wheel spin under acceleration. The gearbox also follows along in tradition with the industry, a ball differential to further help rear traction.
The rear bumper is nice and wide keeping those over zealous drivers from getting locked up wheel to wheel when they rear end you. OFNA mud flaps give your SC that scale look and gives that truck behind you something to read.
Like to beat and bang around the track with your buddies? The TS2's side impact bumper allows you to engage in aggressive driving with peace of mind.
The TS2 RTR comes equipped with CVA's. OFNA wanted to make sure the TS2 provided smooth and trouble free operation and a dogbone would not cut it. The strong and bind free pin and roller stays in place with a steel retainer clip. 12mm hexes cap the CVA's to hold your impressive black wheels and tires on the truck.
The TS2 comes equipped with a strong lightweight tub style chassis with molded reinforcements for added strength. When racing around the track, you will have the confidence this chassis is strong enough to take a beating, yet flexible enough to provide plenty of traction and consistency.
This RTR is ready to go with just an installment of a battery. Plug in and go and the power of the 15 turn motor will push the truck up to speed with a standard speed control that can use up to 6-cell NiMh or NiCad batteries. A glitch free 2.4 Ghz transmitter is equipped with your RTR. This transmitter is light in your hands using only 4 AA batteries and has steering and throttle trims to help fine tune your adjustments.
Beating and banging your short course around the track is no problem for the TS2. The front bumper is high impact and has two pivot points making it very flexible. High clearance keeps it rolling off jumps without sticking into the dirt and scrubbing speed.
Bodies are all the rage in Short Course and high breathing bodies is what you want. The TS2 has a high air flow body that is styled and looks great. There are venting ducts from front to back on the body. Just cut what you need for that right amount of air flow in the preferrated areas. Also, side winglets help turn to turn cornering and side stability. High clearing fenders and a low cab is poportioned well to the body making it nice and sleek. Black Hole wheels and high traction tires come with the kit making your TS2 ready to race right out of the box.









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