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Tony Clark taking Novarossi Challenge with X3-GT by DJ
This past weekend GLARCRC was host to the Novarossi Challenge which is
usually held on the east coast, so this is the first time it's been out
west. This was a race I wanted to do well at also was the the first major
race for me with the OFNA X3-GT. I've had a handful of practice with the X3 but no qualifiers or long runs on the chassis. Friday was productive with
finding the correct shock oil and tire shore to use for the weekend. The
forecast predicted it to be hot all weekend. Qual one was late Friday and the track was cooling down I was on a decent run and made a few errors and mistakes that put me 3rd overall for the day. Saturday qual 2 I picked up the pace by a full lap along with the rest of the field. Qual 3 was in the heat of the day and again picked up the pace and improved my time along with taking the qualifier win. Qual 4 was important to me because I figured the main would be run in similar conditions. I had changed a few suspension angles and ride high and the X3 responded well. I was very confident and pleased with the performance. I ended up 4th overall. Sunday morning I checked every thing and made sure  the car was ready to go. The weather started to change a few hours before we were scheduled to run the main. I decided to drop shore rating all the way around and boy did it pay off. I started the 45 minute main 4th and quickly found myself leading before the first fuel stop. I planned on going seven and a half minutes on a tank but ran out at the seven minute mark. That sent me back to fourth and I managed to fight my way back into the lead the within ten minutes and eventually took the win by five laps while cruising the last ten minutes. I'm very pleased with the reliability and durability of the X3-GT. I would like to thank Dave Starks for his excellent pit work, tuning and knowledge of set ups and everyone at OFNA for the support it's greatly appreciated.

Dj wins 2014 Hitec Trophy Chase Series with X3-e Sabre by DJ
Reported by Dj Sandate - The final Hitec series race concluded in Chula Vista at Heritage Rc Park over the weekend and I wanted to finish out the series with good races in nitro and electric X3's. My electric buggy has been pretty decent on the track and had the points lead going into the last race but only by a few points over Miguel Perez so I had to finish the race and keep the car together, the main had Miguel starting in front of me so I had to keep close and race him so he could make some mistakes and I could take over the lead, but we exchanged the lead a couple of times before Miguel got away as I felt like one of my batteries was going soft on punch and slowing down so I had to back of the pace and hopefully hold on to the lead. Miguel and I got way out in the race so when I paced back I managed the car with less braking and roll through the corners and finish the race in 2nd, it was enough to keep the points lead by 1 point and take the trophy. I was glad to hold off my buddy and former teammate so I can fill my trophy cup with a big bag of Skittles, yes my cup will have a good use beyond just being a self piece. Nitro was killer fun as I had my chance to take TQ in the 2nd round with my fresh engine all tuned up and a new set of the Pro-Line Holeshots, I was out fast and making ground on a back marker that just didn't get out of the way and I just got wiped out in a section where a marshal was not there and that cost me, OH well got the #2 starting position behind Brown. The main got off to a good start also as I stayed with John and raced with him but I knew I had to get out in front and make some distance because he was going to pit one less then I was, so for me getting a new engine in and taking far over the edge was not an option so push hard and hope to make the time, but that was the case and the track seemed to get really lose as it dried up and started to use up the tires so again I back off some of the pace to maintain my 2nd position since we got far out early. A couple of mistake by John got me back to him but was still not enough as his pit cycle was one less then mine, so I finished out the race in 2nd. Should have had better finishes in the other races but some bad maintenance and a couple of flame outs in races cost me so I think I finished 5th in the series, Oh Well till next time.
miguel and his day with his X3's by DJ
Had a great day of racing this weekend at Rd. 4 of the Grassroots Series. I TQ'd the electric race and ended up Qualifying 3rd in nitro. The Proline test track had an awesome layout thanks to Daniel Adams and Gerardo Gonzalez. Both My OFNA Racing X3 Sabre's were dialed!!! I was just fighting an engine problem in my nitro car. The mains were up and I was racing the Nitro buggy 1st. My confidence level was a little shaky at first as I was hoping I had resolved the engine issue I was having. I got off to a great start. Car was feeling good and no engine problems. I am coming in for my 1st fuel stop right behind Gerardo Gonzalez who was running in 2nd place. Jose Castelan pulls off an amazing fuel stop and gets me out of pit lane right behind Gerardo. Gerardo and I are battling the rest of the way and I ended up passing Gerardo with 3 min. left. I am comfortably in 2nd place coming into the last lap and low and behold I flame out!!!! and Gerardo was able to get by me. Jose Castelan gets me started up again and I was able to finish in 3rd place. My mains were back to back so now I am up for the electric main and I am feeling a little more confident as my X3 Sabre e was running perfect. I get off to a bad start and get bumped down to 3rd place. I battle back and am able to pass the 2nd place car and have my sights on 1st. Chris Austin from TLR was running a great race and I could not seem to catch up. I tried to stay smooth and keep an eye on Chris. Finally Chris makes a mistake and I was able to get right behind him on the last lap and it was basically a drag race to the finish. Chris was able to hold me off and I ended up in 2nd place. I would like to thank Jose Castelan for the amazing pit support and my sponsors: Ofna Racing, Vpprousa Racing, Nitro House, Team Novak, and Kalgard for all their support.
Miguel Perez takes win at HCRP with X3-e Sabre - 4/01/2014 by DJ
Reported by Dj Sandate - Well it was off to Chula Vista again for round 4 of the Hitec Series race. A few of my team members were going to be in attendance as well as my team manager D.J. from OFNA. The layout was going to have a few changes to it but not a total layout change so I was feeling confident with my chances of at least qualifying well. Qualifying got under way and I was up. I was running both Nitro & E 1/8 buggy. The track was a little rough but both my X3 Sabre's felt  really good and I was able to qualify 2nd in Nitro and 4th in electric. I went back to the pit tables and gathered my thoughts to see what I can do to try and go a little faster.

It was time for the mains. The first class was E-buggy. I qualified in the 4th position just behind  D.J. and I knew he was going to be hard to beat. The tone sounds and we were off. We came around the 1st corner and I go wide which was a bad idea and get taken out from behind and lost a lot of ground. I composed myself and just ran my race. I eventually started catching up to the leaders who were struggling with lapped traffic and end up getting by and leading the race. I kept it smooth and ended up finishing in 1st place. I had to go out and turn marshal the next race but I knew once that race was over I was up again in Nitro buggy so I was feeling pretty good with my win in E-Buggy and wanted to carry that over to Nitro buggy. The Nitro main came and I was up. I got the car out for the 3min practice and it was feeling good. I lined up in 2nd position for the 30 min main in anticipation for a good start. The tone sounds and we get underway. The leader and I broke away from the pack and are comfortably in front and in cruise control. Then drama hits!!! I come in for my first refuel and flame out!! I get re-started and drop down to the 7th position. I gathered myself and ran well for the rest of the race but could only make up 2 more positions finishing in the 5th spot. All in all it was a good day of racing. I want to thank my sponsor's: OFNA, VP-PRO and Kalguard lubricant's for all their support.

MARIO takes a win with H4 touring car. 3-23-14 by DJ
Reported by Dj Sandate - Joe and I headed over to Cal Raceway in Orange for some friendly club racing. It was about 90 degrees out that Sunday. Right off the bat my OFNA H4 Sedan felt hooked up. We were running Intermediate 17.5 stock sedan. It seems like everytime I run this car all I have to do is drop it on the track and drive, no matter what the conditions. The only decision I had to make would be what tires to run for the main. The program went so smooth that we had time for 3 qualifiers. I won all but 1 qualifier only because I was taken out and flipped over by a back-marker allowing second place to take away the TQ in the last round by 2 seconds. That last qual I had faster lap times than some of the 13.5 pro stock sedans.
So now I'm starting second in the main, but I'm not worried. All I needed was a smooth race. I knew my H4 was fast so I decide to be aggressive in the beginning. At the start, I punched it through the first turn after the straight and took the lead. I quickly pulled away and never looked back.

So H4's taking wins in Sportsman and Intermediate at Cal Raceway, good running from both guys, keep on racking them up.
Local racing for Joe and his H4 by DJ
Reported by DJ Sandate - Local driver Joe Pham has been taking his OFNA new H4 sedan out for some local club racing, a couple of practice visits first then getting it ready to do some racing. Going to Cal Raceway in Orange,Ca is his local track, in his second race with his H4 he managed to take Tq in his Sportsman class in 17.5 Touring and managed the win in the Main by taking the race with a 2 lap cushion, he said he really likes the car and turns good on and off power, it's predictable and easy to drive when pushing it. He mainly runs off-road but has been wanting to run some high speed racing so the H4 was his choice for that discipline.

Good job Joe looking to hear more about your racing with your H4 Touring car.  
OFNA Has HoBao parts in-stock by davegm
OFNA is now supporting HoBao products purchased in OFNA labelled boxes.  OFNA has been name the exclusive supplier of HoBao products in North America and will continue to offer spare parts support under the OFNA part numbers. Currently, OFNA is again supplying spare parts to dealers and distributors.
A podium finish for Miguel Perez and his X3 Sabre-E by DJ
Reported by Dj Sandate - Revelation Raceway was hosting their Winter nationals race this weekend and luckily I was able to attend. It was my first race of the year and I was hoping to do well. The track was very challenging and really took its toll on the cars. Needless to say I did not do very well in nitro buggy as I was racing with a new motor that was not fully broken in yet and hard to tune.

E-Buggy was a different story as I was able to qualify in the 3rd spot keeping my confidence level high. The main got under way and I new if I could keep my car together I could finish on the podium at least in 3rd place. As the race got started I was comfortably in 3rd position and as  it continued my team manager DJ was ahead of me in 2nd position when his car was plagued with a faulty connection letting me pass and take over the 2nd position. I was able to run clean for the remainder of the race and finish in 2nd place.
Keith Henry wins with TS4 at Delta RC - 12/12/2013 by DJ
Reported by DJ Sandate - Delta RC had its first annual Golden State Arena Cross indoor race December 6th-8th 2013. This race kicks off the indoor racing season for DeltaRC. Expectations were for a fun event and we were not disappointed. The track was technical and flowing with great traction. 100 entries fought for titles in 11 classes.

I TQ  3 out or 4 rounds and took first in Pro4 SCT Intermediate racing my new Ofna TS4 Pro SC 4wd. Being a first time pole sitter in the class I was nervous. Warm up went good. My TS4 felt dialed and the track had grooved up and was ready for action.  First lap jitters caused a metal error and I dropped back to 2nd. I settled down and caught up the the leader by lap 3. Overtook him on the back straight and never looked back.

I'm very please with the performance of my OFNA TS4 both indoor and out and look forward to more success with OFNA in 2014. has a New Intro Video! by davegm

New.Wow..141mph! is showing a customer submission of a GTP2e Roller product #34306 roaring by at 131mph. But, when the new products start shipping, look for the Open Box Video's ShowCase!
Dj and the H4 takes 2nd at Cal Raceways Toys 4 Tots - 12/31/13 by DJ
Reported by DJ Sandate - Myself and some of the Off-Road drivers went down to Cal Raceway for some more On-Road fun and the 15th Toys 4 Tots Race held at Cal Raceway, I ran the 17.5 Super Stock class and got some good qualifying in along with good battling for the starting grid. The two rounds was a race, the 1st round at the start was "Ding-Ding-Ding!!!" as I was bounced off of every car that was around me and by the time I got to the scoring loop I was last, but the H4 ready to race and charged back up to the 2nd spot in a hurry and for the 1st round we still managed a P2 position, 2nd round was cleaner but I made a mistake in setting timing on the motor and had some lag coming out of corners so this one was a battle to keep 2nd but the H4 stayed where it needed to be on the track and I still finished 2nd and for the main started in the P2 position. The main got off to a good start for everyone and I went to the outside to pass as I got off to a good buzzer tone but had to check up to fall back in and just got a little nudge to get into the dirty stuff and my tires took a while to clean up and get going again but I was 3rd and was waiting for the tires to grab so I could push back to 2nd. Once up to speed the car just stayed on line and was fast in the infield catching 2nd and staying on him, finally he overshot the end of the start and I got there to the corner and he just tapped me but I held on a drifted off the corner to the next turn sideways, it drifted so good with control that the H4 drove away into the next turn and we were still good for the fight. 3rd place managed to clip a dot and that was it we came out with 2nd. It was good fun and the most exciting race of the day. The H4 showed it was ready to race and contend and took home some hardware.
Club racing with the OFNA H4 touring sedan by DJ
Reported by Dj Sandate-Over the Thanksgiving weekend I took the H4 sedan out for some running to two tracks TQ Raceway in Chino and Cal Raceway in Orange with some club racing on Sunday, the car has taken the carpet and the asphalt  well with little changes between the two tracks. I raced the GT10 class on Sunday at Cal of course with a different body other than the picture shown and started 2nd for the main, tweaking the body for better handling the H4 was alert and ready to race. I got a good jump at the start but had to check-up into the first corner and that got me bumper tagged with 3rd so when I crossed the line I was 4th but with some worked got back to the leader on lap 4 and he shot wide and I got to the inside with some contact to take the lead. Once in the clear the H4 was on a go pulling away from the field and taking the win, the H4 just had a little push after balancing out the body as I was putting more rear grip into the car but still was manageable for the win, can't wait to race some more.
Miguel Perez 2nd in the JBRL Series in 40+ - 11/11/13 by DJ
Reported by Dj Sandate - The JBRL Series is finally done from early in the year with several races with tracks all around the So Cal area,Pro-line,CVRC,Thunder Alley,Palm Desert,ARC,Revelation and finishing up last weekend at Hot Rod Hobbies. For Miguel it was a hard fought season racing and fitting in some vacationing between the races to travel Europe, with all the racing going on in the season the JBRL was the one he needed to stay in the battle with Tim Long the JBRL 40+ champion. Their race at the finale at Hot Rod was a race for consistency and finishing out the year with a good run to hold on to 2nd for the series, a 4th place run in the race kept his points and cash in his pocket for some hardware and pictures. It was a long weekend but well worth it Miguel said as it was his first race at Hot Rod and an experience so different from other tracks as it was so blue-grooved that tires turned to slicks at the end of their runs, so good running MR. Perez and putting the great effort and showing that the X3 can duke it out with the best.
DJ and the X3 Sabre finishes 3rd in the TLR Series - 10/19/13 by DJ
Reported by Dj Sandate - Chula Vista RC Club hosted the Team Losi Racing Series a 5 race series that was held just about two weeks apart from each race. The track had changes throughout the series making challenges for every driver, the track is huge and was sometimes very fast and go to a more technical track for every driver skill set. I raced all 5 races and had 1 dnf late in a race which was throw out, the races were all exciting and sometimes frustrating but in all just plain good racing. I managed one TQ in one of the races and that keep me close to 3rd in the series, the last race I needed to place high, but one section of the tracking was not to my liking and was killing my pace. I was attacking too hard and fumbling to get control in the quals. The main was down then up as I started good but rolled alot in the middle of the race after the first pit I got better control and worked forward with other drivers having issues to and falling apart late in the race, I charged as hard as I could as the tires wore and I started pushing through the corners so more throttle input earlier would make my car better and race back into the top 5. All I needed was that spot to take home 3rd in the series because of my TQ point and that where I finished in the series one point ahead of my competitor and a place on the podium. I could not have done it without the OFNA drivers Mario Netto,Dylan Elliot,Joe,Dave Durant and Mason Elliot though not a team driver(X-RAY) has help out in split seconds to get me back on the track to race and others that help along the way, it's always fun to go out and race with buddies and scream and yell at them because at the end of the day it's all good talk and laughs.
X3 Sabre makes podium in South Africa by DJ
Reported by DJ Sandate - Local South African driver Thomas Schmuck took his X3 Sabre to the RCX Challenge in Komatiport South Africa a small town in the very north east of the country. The event was a good turnout and was a great success and even JQ himself come to the race and getting the win but Thomas put his X3 on the podium to finish third. Hong Nor X3 was racing with bigger name cars as the X3 has very little name title in South Africa but Thomas is loyal to the Hong Nor product even showing OFNA a little love with decal branding on his wing "Thank YOU Sir". It was only great to see the X3 race for the top places so his story get on to our site with great honor. Thomas I hope to hear more of your racing and keep OFNA in your heart will be cheering for YA.
Jaime Boquiren wins 2wd SC Championship at AKA Spring Point Series by DJ
Reported by Jaime Boquiren - TS2 is the PRO2 AKA Spring Point Series Champion.

With one race left on the AKA Spring Point Series, Jaime Boquiren has won every race and clinched the championship. Race 4 of the series was held on May 18th at CVRC Race Club in Chula Vista Ca. Weather was great, mid 70’s during the day and about 65 deg in the evening. Track surface was a bit rough with average traction which is where the TS2 Pro shines, the 12mm big bore shock soak all the bumps including some big 12 ft gap doubles. Track conditions improved through the day with the added moisture, this was reflected on the car’s lap times, car got faster as the day went on. This car has been great through this and last series events, the only upgrades up to now are Aluminum wheel hexes and rear hinge pin holders. I look forward to more victories driving the TS2 Pro. I want to thank my sponsors OFNA Racing, DIII Racing, VP Pro USA, Nitrohouse and Cordova Research for their continuous support.

Jaime Boquiren-TS2 is the PRO2 AKA Spring Point Series Champion.

With one race left on the AKA Spring Point Series, Jaime Boquiren has won every race and clinched the championship. Race 4 of the series was held on May 18th at CVRC Race Club in Chula Vista Ca. Weather was great, mid 70’s during the day and about 65 deg in the evening. Track surface was a bit rough with average traction which is where the TS2 Pro shines, the 12mm big bore shock soak all the bumps including some big 12 ft gap doubles. Track conditions improved through the day with the added moisture, this was reflected on the car’s lap times, car got faster as the day went on. This car has been great through this and last series events, the only upgrades up to now are Aluminum wheel hexes and rear hinge pin holders. I look forward to more victories driving the TS2 Pro. I want to thank my sponsors OFNA Racing, DIII Racing, VP Pro USA, Nitrohouse and Cordova Research for their continuous support.

Dan Hokins races at Grass Roots Round #4 - 5/8/13 by DJ
Reported by Dan Hopkins - Had a good run this weekend with my X3. It was round 4 of the Grassroots in Palm Desert. I wasn't planning on going to this race but due to family schedule changes I was able to come out and play.

I was running both x3 buggy and an x2 pro tuggy.

Tuggy was a blast. I bought the tuggy to break up the long track days and this was my second time out. I made some changes to the truck prior to race day and they really helped out! My qualifiers went very well for not driving tuggy in at least 3years. I ended up 3rd overall qualifier in the main. It was a blast hearing DJ (ofna team manager) on the MIC saying "There goes Dan Hopkins going old school with the Jammin" That made me chuckle a bit on the stand. I even had a kid come up to me in the pits before hand and say "man that thing is old!" The main event was another story though. After catching every pile up on the first lap I played catch up the entire race and was a bit punched to say the least. Not sure where I ended up but I had a great time. This tuggy really drove well out there! I am really looking forward to the next race day.

Buggy qualifiers were nothing spectacular. Mind set was study the track and drive good enough to make the show. I ended up qualifying 8th overall which I was ok with.

Buggy main. Started 8th. After the first lap I think I was in the top 4 and was driving consistent. Then next thing I knew DJ announced me in first place. I must have led the race for what felt like the next 12 minutes or so. I finally got tangled with some traffic and the 2nd place driver closed the gap which eventually led to him taking the lead. I stayed fairly close and ended up finishing 2nd. The x3 buggy keeps impressing me. It is very stable and is never struggling for traction! Its very consistent and I can't ask for anything more.

I want to say thanks to Miguel Perez for the loaner servo. I appreciate it!
X3 Sabres at Revelation Raceway Spring Nationals 4-27-13 by DJ
Reported by Dj Sandate-It was a nice warm day at Revelation Raceway for the 2013 Spring Nats,the track was set for high straights,shortshoots,high speed corners & good timing jumps & a distant stretcher in the corner of the track that saw some buggies "Field Goal It" over the high border walls. The track was very fast in the first round & by second round the track rutted to lower the lap times but still good to get around. OFNA guys ran E-bug & Nitro in different classes, Amateur & Expert. Miguel & I ran E-buggy & Nitro, Chad ran Nitro class in Amateur along with Miguel, I set myself on Expert(those really fast guys). My Sabre-e was oversteering during practice so I change it for the Quals & it was killer, I slapped on some Pro-Line Diamond Backs & the buggy was right there into the track but unfortunately my battery pack suffered a voltage fail & I was out leading the race, but I did get the TQ in the 2nd round just missing a 13 lap run. Miguel would get his rhythm & start the main in 3rd. Chad & Miguel would also make the A-main in the Ama class with Chad higher up the board for the start, Sabres were looking good but we all had to get good drives going to finish strong.
  E-Buggy main got off to slow start as I would not get off the line well & dropped back to 3rd but half way around the track I would take 2nd & chase down Miguel for the lead, I challenged for a spot to get around him but a back marker half way into the race got him connected  for me to go wide & take a straightaway lead for me to finish out the race for the win.
 Amateur class-Chad & Miguel were starting 6th & 11th, Chad from the start was up working the front pack staying up with the leaders while Miguel just worked to stay on track & not fall behind any further but his groove came & he worked his way to the front charging & pushing foward. Chad started to creep foward then BAM into a podium posisiton as the leaders were making pit mistakes & bad stretches, then Chad continues on into the 2nd posistion with little time left while I was paying attention to see where Chad was & here come Miguel with getting into the 3rd spot but as soon as that happens Miguel suffers an odd malfunction to his engine having drop out of the race with only a couple of minutes left, WHAT A BUMMER!!!
  Expert class-My X3 was not so bad in the quals & tire changes did make a difference in those races so I followed up with running more Diamond Backs for my nitro car & now it was pretty good, I started the race getting around the mid pack pile & trying to stay there but for some strange reason a tire came unglued so a tire change was needed, I fell back & just kept the pace & try to keep everything together while others also suffered misfortunes, with that in mind for a 30 min race I managed to finish 6th for the race behind some good front runners I was pretty happy to finish race where I did, it had been so long since my last race and just jazzed to race.   

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