New Force Tools for RC player or Pro... Price Wow! by davegm
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New Nexx10sc is Shipping! by davegm
The Nexx10sc  is a High Performance 4x4 Short Course Truck. Featuring our Pivot Ball Suspension for smooth handling characteristics, predictable drive and durability. Three sealed oil filled differentials supply the traction to the all wheel drive system putting the power to the ground.

The independent front and rear suspension and oil filled shocks add great stability and will help you blast through rough terrain with ease. The Nexx10SC also has new full size (2.2" outer and 3" inner) short course wheels with detailed styling. The "Bar and Peg" tire has the aggressive feel and the full size short course body with realistic detail and fender clearance give this truck the authentic look.

ULTRA LX2 RTR is Shipping! by davegm
The ULTRA LX2 RTR  continues the legacy of the ultra series, bringing new innovative features to this hi-performance 1/8th scale off-road buggy. Our research and development team found that this kit was very easy to drive with smooth and consistent handling, thanks to new features such as the 16mm big bore shocks, triad racing tires and dual fiber disc brakes. The chassis has been redesigned for better balance by shifting weight to the center, and the overall weight of the kit has been notably reduced. New improved stone guards, integrated fuel clips and the new cab forward style body top off the new additions to this revamped racing machine.
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New from ProcrossRC, the new JL12e RTR 2Belt & 2.4 Radio by davegm
JL12eJL12e RTR

OFNA JL12e RTR - 1/12th Electric Sedan PART #34721 - RTR Assembled: Introducing the all new JL12e RTR Sedan 1/12th scale belted chassis from .  This is our first product under the ProcrossRC Brand.  The JL12e is priced to go with a 2 Belt chassis and a 2.4GHz radio system.  Powered by a 23T brushed motor and ESC, you have plenty of speed to race your friends.  With an Estimated Street Price of $174.00 (retail $229.95) you will not believe the quality of the pro like chassis and features such as CNC Motor Mount and Front/Rear CVD's.  I could list more, but just download the PDF and see it for yourself.

Nexx8 is Shipping! by davegm

The OFNA/Hong Nor is a competitive 1/8 electric buggy kit with performance and reliability to put you in the front of the pack at a price that does not break the bank. Designed to use two 7.4 style stick packs, this buggy is an easy step from 1/10 to 1/8 scale for anyone that has stick pack size batteries.

This buggy utilizes the very popular 16mm CNC threaded shocks to keep the balanced chassis smooth and flat through the roughest sections of the track. The added adjust-ability lets you fine tune the handling to your driving style.

New JL10e Drift is now Shipping! by davegm
Ultra GTP2e Sedan

JL10e DriftOFNA JL10e Drift - 1/10th Electric Sedan PART #34722 - 80% Assembled: Introducing the all new JL10e DRIFT 1/10th scale belted drift car from OFNA.  If you're looking to get sideways, this is the kit for you. Great for beginners and veterans alike.  This kit offers everything you need to get drifting. With hard compound tires, mid motor design, fiber pressed double deck chassis and adjustable front and rear diffs you can press the limits of high speed drifting or gracefully slide into a corner to an almost dead stop with the wheels still spinning.  The JL10 drift works with all 200mm bodies on the market giving you many options from which to choose. Priced economically this kit will fit your budget.  So get one and get sideways.

New Jammin Nitro RTR SCRT10 with .18 engine and 2.4 radio by davegm

Hyper TTe RTROFNA JAMMIN SCRT10 Nitro RTR - 1/10th SCRT10 Nitro PART #34977 - RTR Assembled: OFNA is proud to announce this new RTR Nitro.  The Jammin Nitro SCRT10 brings the fun of driving nitro back to the masses with a .18 power plant.  As driven by Chad Bradley, this nitro chassis can move and keep up with the 1/8 scale buggies.  With your driving skill, I'm sure you will be in the winners circle!  OFNA has these kits in stock and is shipping to distributors now.

New Hyper TTe RTR with 2.4GHz is SHIPPING by davegm

Hyper TTe RTRHyperTTeRTROFNA Hyper TTe RTR - 1/10th Electric Truggy PART #14622 - RTR Assembled: OFNA is proud to announce this new class of race truck for a price you will truly appreciate.  The Hyper 10TTe RTR is a 4wd 1/10 scale truggy with the styling, performance and durability of the newer style 1/8 truggies.  The Hyper 10TT Super-G body increases down force on the nose to take advantage of the drive to the front tires, while the nylon rear wing keeps the rear tires planted every time you hammer the throttle.  With the new HoBao 2.4GHZ system you will feel the control that is free of radio interference.

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