New... Hyper H2e 2wd Buggy RTR Brushless at $229.00 by davegm
Hyper SS RTR 1/8 Truggy now shipping! by davegm
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 Nitro RTR Truggy
Brushness RTR eTruggy
Hyper GT RTR Electric 1/8 Sedan now shipping! by davegm
 Now Available at $375.00
New Pair, Hyper MT Monster's .32 Engine or Brushless/ 2.4Ghz by davegm
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 Nitro RTR Monster
Brushness RTR eMonster
Priced to Sell at $490.00 each! 

New 1/8 Hyper SS Nitro RTR w/.32eng & 2.4Ghz by davegm
 Now Available at $370.00
Now!!! lower pricing. . . . . . . by davegm
 Now Available at for $360.00
 Now Available at for $350.00
Hyper SS RTR Truggy now with JL.32 engine by davegm
The new Hyper Plus Cage RTR is ready to go! - 11/21/13 by davegm
Hyper Sprint RTR now with JL.28 engine by davegm
The new Hyper SS Cage RTR is ready to go! - 11/21/13 by davegm
HYPER 7 TQ & HYPER SS RTR's with JL.28 motors by davegm
Hyper 7 TQ RTR
Hyper SS RTR
OFNA H4e Pro on-road is being released soon by davegm
HoBao H4 Pro on-road Sedan

OFNA announces their reentry into 1/10 On-Road Electric Sedan racing with their soon to be released, H4 Pro kit OFNA P/N #14343 at a retail $599.95. OFNA believes a street price of $359.00 will be very competitive to other high-end competitors.
RCTech Magazine released the first look at the new H4 Pro 1/10 Touring Sedan made by HoBao.  OFNA (new exclusive HoBao importer) is currently testing the H4 at some local tracks in which the car shows great promise.  The H4 is of a standard layout with a rear motor, right-side located battery pack and left-side RC compartment but it features some interesting design ideas with what appear to be diagonally-split front and rear aluminum bulkheads, tough looking suspension mounts, a not-less tough looking floating servo brace and closed-design lower A-arms. The front end sports dual CVA jointed drive shafts with aluminum bearings inserts while the big bore shock absorbers are equipped with large diameter shock springs. The anti-roll bars are of a sold-centering design and the car sports turquoise-colored aluminum parts which are very distinctive. An interesting detail are the reverse-style front steering knuckles that are often found on 4WD electric buggies with touring cars normally using conventional C-hubs and 'captured' steering knuckles.
New X3 Sabre 2.0 is available! by davegm
Ultra LX still going strong! - 5/24/13 by davegm
New TS4sc & TS2sc RTR NOW shipping - 10/11/12 by davegm

New TS4sc RTR shipping - 03/16/13 by davegm
New Buggy8 Nitro & Elect RTR are shipping - 01/17/13 by davegm
New GT-V2e RTR shipping - 01/16/13 by davegm
BIG.......OFNA Pro Hauler #69001 by davegm
New OFNA Super Big.....Pro Hauler R/C Pit Bag is shipping.. OFNA Pro Hauler Pit Bag , p/n #69001!
New TS4sc Pro4 is shipping - 11/26/12 by davegm
New 1/10 Off-Road SC Pro4 Roller Short Course TS4sc Pro4 Roller, p/n #14310!

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