New Easy-Pull Handle - #10890 by davegm

New! Easy-Pull Handle for all Pull Start Motors

New... Hyper H2e 2wd Buggy RTR Brushless at $229.00 by davegm
Hyper SS RTR 1/8 Truggy now shipping! by davegm
Buy now from

 Nitro RTR Truggy
Brushness RTR eTruggy
Hyper GT RTR Electric 1/8 Sedan now shipping! by davegm
 Now Available at $375.00
New Pair, Hyper MT Monster's .32 Engine or Brushless/ 2.4Ghz by davegm
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 Nitro RTR Monster
Brushness RTR eMonster
Priced to Sell at $490.00 each! 

New 1/8 Hyper SS Nitro RTR w/.32eng & 2.4Ghz by davegm
 Now Available at $370.00
Now!!! lower pricing. . . . . . . by davegm
 Now Available at for $360.00
 Now Available at for $350.00
Hyper SS RTR Truggy now with JL.32 engine by davegm
The new Hyper Plus Cage RTR is ready to go! - 11/21/13 by davegm
Hyper Sprint RTR now with JL.28 engine by davegm
The new Hyper SS Cage RTR is ready to go! - 11/21/13 by davegm
HYPER 7 TQ & HYPER SS RTR's with JL.28 motors by davegm
Hyper 7 TQ RTR
Hyper SS RTR
OFNA H4e Pro on-road is being released soon by davegm
HoBao H4 Pro on-road Sedan

OFNA announces their reentry into 1/10 On-Road Electric Sedan racing with their soon to be released, H4 Pro kit OFNA P/N #14343 at a retail $599.95. OFNA believes a street price of $359.00 will be very competitive to other high-end competitors.
RCTech Magazine released the first look at the new H4 Pro 1/10 Touring Sedan made by HoBao.  OFNA (new exclusive HoBao importer) is currently testing the H4 at some local tracks in which the car shows great promise.  The H4 is of a standard layout with a rear motor, right-side located battery pack and left-side RC compartment but it features some interesting design ideas with what appear to be diagonally-split front and rear aluminum bulkheads, tough looking suspension mounts, a not-less tough looking floating servo brace and closed-design lower A-arms. The front end sports dual CVA jointed drive shafts with aluminum bearings inserts while the big bore shock absorbers are equipped with large diameter shock springs. The anti-roll bars are of a sold-centering design and the car sports turquoise-colored aluminum parts which are very distinctive. An interesting detail are the reverse-style front steering knuckles that are often found on 4WD electric buggies with touring cars normally using conventional C-hubs and 'captured' steering knuckles.
New NEXX 8T Truggy RTR Nitro 2.4Ghz & .32 Eng. is SHIPPING! by davegm
New 1/8 Off-Road Nitro NEXX 8T Truggy RTR with 2.4Ghz radio system and super strong .32 OFNA/Force engine NEXX 8T RTR , p/n #34951!...
New RTR announcement! by davegm
OFNA RTR Product Leads Market for Quality, Features and Price!
Special Combo Offer you Customer Viewing this Web Site! by davegm
Special, Limited to Stock, Jammin CRT.5 with Picco Motor Combo $130.00 Package!

The Jammin CRT.5 Mini Truck is already in Pro Trim.  OFNA/Jammin' created a full-blown race kit, which includes the quality and features that you'd expect to find on something race worthy.  Jammin' teamed up with Pro-Line and includes Bow-Tie series treads.  It's up to you to bolt in the Picco .12 and tuned pipe included.  So, remember when making your decision, that a $175.00 Retail Picco .12 3p Motor comes with your combo Purchase!

PS: The Jammin CRT.5 is the brother to the Jammin SCRT10 Short Course 4x4!

 Jammin CRT.5 Pro Truck
 Picco .12 3 Port Power!
 Jammin CRT.5  

(You need to first register your i.d./pw on to Purchase)

New 1/8 Off-Road Brushless RTR Buggy! by davegm
New 1/8 Off-Road Electric Buggy ULTRA LX-2e RTR Brushless, p/n #34301!
New GT-V2 Pro Nitro NOW shipping - 10/25/12 by davegm
New X3 Sabre 1/8 Off-Road Pro Buggy! by davegm
New 1/8 Off-Road Nitro Pro Buggy X3 Sabre Pro, p/n #34930!

OFNA #10074 - HN EFRA approved 2047 Exhaust by DJ
Reported by DJ Sandate - In-Stock OFNA #10074 - HN EFRA approved 2047 Exhaust has stunning performance, bringing engines to life with superior power in top speed and spectacular fuel mileage. Tested with several engines on the market this exhaust cranks out strong yet balanced torque for great acceleration out of corners attacking the jumps with little effort, top end has also has a noticeable difference from other pipes as it shows how fast your buggy or truggy can be asking for more straightaway. OFNA #10074 also has the mileage to stretch your fuel for longer run times between refuels something that has been part of the racing scene as of late. Also to add to the performance the durability of a hardcoated finish for long life and non-dulling look, fuel and dirt deposits are easily washed away as the hardcoating is like a non-stick surface.  A great upgrade for RTR and high performing race buggies and truggies.

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