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Complete Car Kit Manuals
Hyper GT RTR Hyper MT nitro Hyper MTe electric    
Hyper SS RTR Hyper H4 Hyper SS Truggy RTR Hyper SSTe RTR Hyper H2
9.5 C-Hub RTR Hyper 10 Pirate Jammin SCRT Electric MBX R2 80% Kit Ultra GTP MBX
9.5 MBX RTR Hyper 10sc Electric Jammin SCRT Electric RTR MBX R2 Plus Ultra GTP RTR
9.5 Pro RTR Hyper 10sc Electric Exploded View Jammin SCRT Nitro RTR Mutilator Ultra GTP2e
9.5 Violator Hyper 10sc Electric RTR Jammin X1 CR Mutilator Power Start Ultra LX 1
Blazer SST Hyper 10sc Nitro Jammin X1 CR FTE Mutilator Pro RTR 32 Ultra LX 1e
CD3 RTR Hyper 10sc Nitro Exploded View Jammin X1 CRT PRO Nexx8 Ultra LX 2
DM-1 Pro Hyper 10sc Nitro RTR Jammin X1 CRT RTR Nexx8 Exploded View Ultra LX 2 Exploded View
DM-1 RTR Hyper 10TT Jammin X1 RTR Nexx8T Truggy RTR Ultra LX 2e 80%
DM-1 Spec Hyper 10TT Exploded View Jammin X1X Sport RTR Nexx10sc Ultra LX 2e RTR
DM-1 Spec RTR Hyper GPX4 RTR Jammin X2 Buggy Nexx10sc Exploded View Ultra LX Comp
DM-1e Spec Hyper Mini ST Jammin X2 Buggy Conversion OB4 RTR Ultra LX Pro (GT LX)
Dominator RTR Hyper Mini STe Jammin X2 Truggy Picco Offroad Ultra MBX
GT-V2 Pro Hyper Mini STe Exploded View JL10 Drift Exploded View Pirate 10 Ultra MBX Comp
GT-V2e Pro Hyper Sprint RTR JL10e Pirate 10 Monster Ultra MBX Pro
Hyper 7 PBS Hyper Sprint RTR Exploded View JL12e Pirate MT Sport Ultra MBX R2
Hyper 7 RTR Hyper Star Electric JL12e Exploded View Ravager Ultra Comp2
Hyper 7 TQ 2012 Hyper Star Nitro Late Model Dirt Oval Titan Deluxe RTR X3 Sabre
Hyper 8.5X RTR Hyper TQ Sport Late Model Dirt Oval No Body Titan Twin X3e0
Hyper 9 Hyper TQ Black Exploded View LD3 Pro TS2 RTR TS2 PRO
Hyper 9e Jammin CRT .5 Mini LD3 RTR TS4 RTR TS4 PRO
Buggy 8 Nitro Buggy 8e GTP2E Worlds II Z-10
OFNA 2009 Catalog

Hyper 7 Pro
Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5
Differential - Front & Rear Center Differential Shock Front Suspension, 17° C-Hub, (Std. Version) Front Gear Box and Suspension
Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10
Rear Gear Box and Suspension Center Gear Box and Brake System Steering System Chassis Support Post and Bumper Side Guard and Fuel Tank
Page 11 Page 12 Page 13    
Engine Muffler & Shock Radio Linkage System Tire / Shock / Wing    

Hobao 2.4Ghz Radio
Page 1
How to bind and setup the Hobao 2.4Ghz Radio

Failsafe Unit
Page 1
How to setup and operate this failsafe unit

Micro Failsafe Unit
Page 1
How to setup and operate this failsafe unit










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