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Chad keeps winning with his TS2sc Pro 2wd - 12/31/12 by davegm
Reported by Chad Bradley - This was the first time that I got to do some racing at Santa Clarita Valley R/C Indoor Raceway (previously know as One-Eleven Raceway). The amount of entries was very good for SCVRC's Sunday club race with 9 full heats of electric off road classes. I entered in the Expert 2wd Short Course class, driving Ofna's new TS2sc Pro Roller. This was also the first time I got to run the TS2 indoors, with a setup that I have been using at Hot Rod Hobbies, I am happy to say that the truck worked very well without much indoor testing. Tires were the only thing I changed from Hot Rod's to SCVRC I prefer PL M3 Holeshot front, M4 Holeshots rear for H.R.H. and PL MC Suburbs front and rear for SCVRC. The race program is your standard club format for most tracks, 2 rounds of qualifying (ifmar starts) and a single 8 minute main event. I was able to get the TQ in round 1 and was able to better my overall time in round 2, local fast guy Jake Mayo was very close behind in time so I had to be careful to limit my mistakes in qualifying and the main. I got to start on the pole for the main, I got a good start with Jake just behind, unfortunately for him he got caught up with a back marker in the beginning minutes of the main after that I just made sure I took good lines and tried to run a flawless race. I was able to get the win with the TS2sc, Jake Mayo running the SC10 finished 2nd and Todd running the DEsc 3rd. The truck has been real good, I am still learning the setup on it but I am happy to say its been very good every time I get the chance to run it. Next up Jan 4 2013 Hot Rods all new electric off road track.

TS2 Pro Short course A-main Video

 Driver  Short Course
Chad Bradley

Jake Mayo


Miguel and X3 Sabre Electric grab the #2 spot at the Hitec Point Series - 12/29/12 by DJ
Reported by Miguel Perez - Headed out to Chula Vista RC Club on Saturday(12-29-13) who was hosting the Hitec Series Race. The track a fast pace track with lots of speed stretches and reach for it jumps is big and full of fun, a clay based track that is well maintained provides an good amount grip.It was round 2 and I signed up for the 1/8 E-Buggy class. I went over my X3 Sabre E from top to bottom so I was hoping to have a good showing at this race. Well the race got under way with our 1st qualifier. The car felt good but was a little too aggressive with steering and had a little over-steer but I still managed to finish 2nd. I went back to the pits and checked the ride height, Toe and camber. I lowered the car a little to 27mm front and 28mm rear. Toe was set to 1 degree out and camber set to -1 front -2 rear. I went out for the 2nd qualifier and the car was much better and easier to drive. I managed another 2nd place finish which guaranteed me 2nd position in the main.

Well it was time for the mains and I was feeling confident with my chances to finish on the podium. The race got off to a good start I was right behind the leader Losi Driver Robert Wickham. I ended up making a few mistakes letting the leader get a few seconds ahead of me but I was sitting very comfortably in 2nd place and a good stretch from 3rd. Our lap times were about the same throughout the rest of the race so I could not make up the difference and ended up in 2nd place. All in all I was very happy with my X3 Sabre E.

The car really performs well and is very easy to drive. Next race will be round 3 for the Hitec Point Race in two weeks and I will be there again to duke it out again with my Sabres.

Chad wins with his TS4sc Pro 4wd - 11/3/12 by davegm
Reported by Chad Bradley - Home Town Series Round 1, Back on October 28 the Home Town Series held its first race of the four race series at Hot Rod Hobbies. This was one also one of the first few times I got to drive Ofna's new TS4sc 4wd short course truck. I set the truck up exactly like factory setup said, I played with ride hight and shock oil for the hot conditions that day (finding that with the option big bores, springs and pistons that 45wt front and 35wt rear worked good). The track was dry and had plenty of traction, my TS4 truck was very easy to drive and extremely stable for the day, with Proline MX Suburbs. The truck can be easily under weight, so I ran the option brass weight behind the batter (it improved the handling as well on the wet tracks). I was able to set the TQ in both rounds of qualifying with Mike Allen and Garret Buchey rounding out the top three. The truck was handling very good, I got into the lead early on and went pretty much unchallenged all the way through to the win. Mike and Garrett finished strong and placed in the same order as they did in qualifying. Cant wait to do some racing with the Ofna TS4sc!

TS4sc Pro Short course A-main Video

 Driver  Short Course
Chad Bradley

Mike Allen

Garret BucheySC10

New NEXX 8T Truggy RTR Nitro 2.4Ghz & .32 Eng. is SHIPPING! by davegm
New 1/8 Off-Road Nitro NEXX 8T Truggy RTR with 2.4Ghz radio system and super strong .32 OFNA/Force engine NEXX 8T RTR , p/n #34951!...
New TS2sc PRO Press Release - 10/11/12 by davegm
New 1/10 Off-Road SC Pro Roller Short Course TS2sc Pro Roller, p/n #14308!
OFNA Swap Meet is open for 2013! by davegm
For next few months, OFNA is opening up its doors and letting customers buying parts and accessories at discount pricing.

Come one, come all from 9:00am to 4:00pm Monday to Thursday!

OFNA TS2 win at the 14th Annual Toy 4 Tots Race at Cal Raceway by DJ
Reported by DJ Sandate - The end of the year is coming soon and all the TFT races have been the ones to go to in helping kids in need of happy cheer. My teammate Mario got me going with him to the 14th Annual TFT Race being held at Cal Raceway in Orange Ca. Being that there was a Gearbox box class which had 4wd and 2wd SC trucks and I was having such a good time running the new OFNA TS2sc on Sat. at OCRC, I wanted to run some more so why not put it on an On-Road track with some jumps and high bite cornering and see what it can do. To my surprise the TS2 drove really good and had some good corner handling on the on-road track, a lot of two tire up and saving it action as traction was really high in the mains. On road guys were also getting some traction roll action but in Gearbox it was keeping all four wheels down and making it over the ever-moving plastic splitter jumps. It was fun and funny when you didn't get it right off the jump and do a cork-screw off of a jump down the straight it seemed like we went faster on the straight when were on our lids but in all just plain fun. After the mayhem of qualifying 2nd thinking we were going to line up 2x2 that wasn't the case as it was all lined up and shooting for the straight shot to the jump, just got waded up right at the start and managed to save it getting to the jump and breaking through in mid pack and I managed to pass clean as the TS2 corned well and got to 1st place when he drove deep into a corner and traction rolled into a corner giving it to me and I kept pulling away as I kept it on all 4 wheels and dodging the traffic and traction rolling SC's. I took home the trophy and some good laughs, thanks Mario for having go to the race with you and thanks to Charlie Barnes for hosting his TFT I had a cupcake overload. 
Chad keeps winning with his TS2sc Pro 2wd - 11/5/12 by davegm
Reported by Chad Bradley -  We had a great turnout Tuesday night at Hot Rod Hobbies with 10 full heats and an A and B mains for the Expert 2wd SC class. This was the third time I got to race the new Ofna TS2sc truck and I wanted to get it setup with the option gear differential. I started the night off with 5000wt diff oil and noticed I needed a little more strait line line traction because of the power of the Novak 7.5 motor so I bumped the oil up to 7000wt, which helped accelerating out of the turns. Had I of had less power and used a 10.5 or a 17.5 motor I would think the 5000wt oil in the diff would of been perfect. I was able to set the TQ in both rounds of qualifying and was able to lead the main from start to finish with the TS2sc. The truck has been great, extremely fun to drive and so far seems to be very durable.

TS2 Pro Short course A-main Video

 Driver  Short Course
Chad Bradley

Adam Drag

Mike Maniscalchi

Toy 4 Tots race at Palm Desert Raceay and Miguel Perez takes #2 on the podium - 12/2/12 by DJ
Reported by Miguel Perez - Palm Desert Raceway in So. Cal was hosting the 2012 Toys for Tot race this past weekend.  There was an excellent turnout with 16 heats considering a few of the top drivers from So. Cal were attending the Worlds.  I was signed up to race the 40+ Nitro buggy class and 1/8 scale buggy electric class. The track was well laid out. There were both technical sections and a stretched drop off into a long back straight to really get the cars wound up to top speed.  My 1st qualifier in 40+ nitro went very well with my X3 Sabre.  The car was dialed and I finished 3rd right behind Barry Baker from A-main and Mike Lebanko of TLR. There were 2 full heats of 1/8 scale electric buggy and I was able to finish 5th in my 1st qualifier and 4th in my 2nd with the X3 Sabre E. Both cars were dialed which made me feel very confident going into the mains. I was able to qualify 3rd in 40+ nitro buggy and 8th in E-buggy.

  It was time for the E-buggy main and I got out to a clean start. I was able to stay on the lead lap with most of the front runners. I was actually doing battle with D.J for a while until some unfortunate bad luck plagued his car and took him out of the race. I had a few bobbles but pretty much ran a clean race and finished 6th. Now came the 40+ nitro main and I was feeling pretty confident with my chances of finishing in the top 3 and being on the podium. I had a bad start getting hit from behind and spinning my buggy around right into a pile up. I was able to compose myself and see that Barry Baker also had something happen to him and by the 2nd lap I was right behind him battling for 1st place. At the mid-point of the race I could not keep up with Barry but was sitting comfortably in 2nd place. I was able to hold on and put my X3 sabre on the podium in 2nd place. I could not ask for a better day of racing as both of my X3 Sabre’s performed very well with no issues. I really just want to thank D.J. and the whole OFNA team for making me part of the team and giving me the knowledge to consistently improve my skills.

Good job there Miguel you can only get faster with your X3's
Chad wins with his TS2sc Pro 2wd - 11/3/12 by davegm
Reported by Chad Bradley - Hot Rod Hobbies held thier monthly racer appreciation race Friday night, racing was good with 9 heats for the night. This is the second time I have got to race the new OFNA TS2 2wd short course truck. So far so good, the truck has been very easy to drive, traction this night was really good and very fun to drive. The truck is extremely stable in sweepers and jumps and lands extremely smooth. I Tqed all the rounds of qualifying and won the 7 minute main event, I tried to drive as smooth as possible and tried to limit my mistakes. I used the Novak 7.5 motor (geared it with a 19t pinion and 86 spur),the new Novak Pulse esc, Protek batteries and Proline M3 hole shot fronts and M4 hole shot rears. Next time I race I want to see how well I can get the truck working with the option gear diff. So far the truck is setup close to stock with the Ofna big bore shocks and will getting up a setup sheet very soon.

TS2 Pro Short course A-main Video

 Driver  Short Course
Chad Bradley

Jason Delong

Mason Elliot

DJ takes a podium spot at Kyosho Fall Classic with Sabre-E - 11/5/12 by DJ
Reported by DJ Sandate - Revelation Raceway was hosting the Kyosho Fall Classic once again and there was a very good turnout for competitors in nitro and electric buggy. Myself I ran both electric and nitro classes with my X3 Sabres, the track was all about speed as a sweeper and a long straight were connected together giving you a long stretch and the new Revelation mega jump "The Cayon", Oh and those deep landmines/moguls which ended up being a nice track with some good racing. My first run would be electric and my X3 was pretty good it just had a little oversteer but was manageable, I finish the 1st qual in 2nd behind an AE driver which I was good with. In the 2nd qual the World Champ got it right and was just plain fast as he took top spot and I ended up in the 4th for the race. The race would be 10minutes so I dropped in some 6500 mah batteries for a fast and long run.

   The start was ok as I went into the first corner and Mr. Blue Cody Turner made a mistake and got caught up in the mess I went wide to avoid it but rubbed with some guys overshooting the corner but got clear to third position and while those guys got tied up that put me clear as 1st and 2nd were gone, just keep it clean and you should be good I said but I had one major mistake that brought back the pack and I was now racing to keep my 3rd, Turner was on the charge as I was still fighting the over-steer and he got past me with a few minutes to go but the I dunked it again allowing my team-mate Miguel to pass me now it was all game as Miguel and I would drag out the rest of the race battling for 4th, so with about a minute to go Miguel put his best version of taking it too hot in the corner and getting tied up with a back-marker for me to get away keeping that 4th spot but then on the very last lap the AE driver suffered a problem right before the Cayon jump and was out of the race handing over 3rd to me. I was glad to have my X3 ready to take on the long run and finish the race because it brought a trophy back home and a cool picture with the Champ and Mr. Blue.

Sean doing great with his OFNA X3 Sabre-E - 10/25/12 by DJ
Reported by Sean Miles - On Wednesday night my X3 Sabre e was dialed in at OCRC. The first heat was great! I finished 1st and I ran my first 15 laps @ 5:23.180 and my fastest lap was 20.304 seconds on OCRC current layout. I really ran consistent . My top 5 laps was averaging 20.475 seconds per lap and my top 10 laps was averaging 20.749 sec per lap.  The second heat I was 6 seconds faster and finished 1st with 15 laps  @ 5:17.791 and my fastest lap was 20.253 seconds. My top 5 lap was averaging 20.317 seconds and my top 10 laps was averaging 20.520 seconds. Now it was time for the A-Main. I went though my car to make sure that all screws where nice and tight nothing loose. I went though the camber, ride height, etc.. to make sure that my car stayed consistent. The only thing I did was change my shock oil. I started first in the A-Main. We ran a seven minute main. I finished in first place  with 20 laps @ 7:11.223 my fastest lap was 20.541 seconds. The X3 Sabre Just stayed consistent tonight the car is well balanced and  it never changed on the track all night.  I can't wait to see the X3 Sabre in some big races next racing season. Hope to see you out there with your new X3 Sabre!
X3 Sabre-E wins Byron's Fuel Champ's - 10/22/12 by DJ
Reported by DJ Sandate - Myself and some of the team went to Revelation Raceway to run the Byron's contingency race for big dollars, but that wasn't the case for as I run Sidewinder Fuels so I was into taking some hardware home and denying some checks but no as I turn my X3 nitro into a broken mess. But that didn't happen to my Sabre electric buggy as I managed a TQ and the win for the class, my Sabre was high on power and the track was loose so I had to rely on keeping the right amount of power down from loosing traction, from 1st to 2nd round was a tire change and was better in the 2nd round as it was smooth around the corners to the jumps and able to keep the TQ, the race was a little difficult as I had put on a harder set of tires on the front(an opps mistake) than my rears and now I had too much rear traction and was fighting to catch the leader as I had came up short on a jump and lost the lead at the start. But after 7 minutes of racing my Mamba Monster power with Savox servos X3 finished the race with the win. Revelation hosted a nice race for Byrons as the weather was on the cool side for most of the day and great racing for big paychecks.
New RTR announcement! by davegm
OFNA RTR Product Leads Market for Quality, Features and Price!
More New RTR announcement! by davegm

New TS2sc RTR Press Release - 10/11/12 by davegm
New 1/10 Off-Road RTR Electric Short Course TS2sc RTR, p/n #14309!
Sean takes another win at OCRC with his X3e - 10/10/12 by DJ
Reported by Sean Miles - Wednesday night racing was a crazy race day for me on the new layout at OCRC.  With a broken part and with a cracked lipo pack(some one stepped on my car) I kept my spirits up. So My practice was cut a little short due to a broken brace mount. My Team Manager "DJ" was able to bring me a aluminum brace. I had to tape my Lipo Pack up with some super strong duct tape. On my first qualifier I ran 14 laps @ 5:12:908 and my fastest lap  was a 20.912 and I was the top qualifier. DJ saw somethings that would help the car get more steering. So changes where made and I'm glad the changes where made cause on the second Qualifier. I ran 14 laps @ 5:11.412 with even a faster lap time @ 20.898. My top 5 laps where 21.281 secs. and My top 10 laps where 21.659 secs.  The A-Main I ran 19 laps in 7:09:377 and my fastest lap was a 20:967 and my top 5 laps 21.189 and my top 10 laps where 21.449. I had a very consistent race in  the A-Main. The X3 Sabre was planet on the track and had a nice flow in and out of the jumps and the turns. The X3 Sabre had a lot traction. The buggy was hugging the turns with out a problem. The Buggy jumped and landed very smooth. Richard Saxon from AE  congratulated me on a nice run and a couple of other heavy weight factory team drives did the same. It made me fill very proud to be a X3 Sabre owner and a OFNA team driver. I still have a lot practicing to do, but overall the Sabre is the GREAT 1/8 BUGGY. So for those who are looking for a great buggy. X3 SABRE is your buggy!  If any one who has any questions go to "OFNA FORUMS" and go to X3 Sabre. We can share set ups and racing events regarding the X3.

Sean is doing a great job with his X3 and thanks for putting it down I'm sure there will be more stories to come.

Sean Miles reports about his win at OCRC with his X3E Sabre - 9/30/12 by DJ
Reported by DJ - Today was the second time that I took out my New "OFNA X3 Sabre-E" 1/8 buggy. I was a good day. On Sundays at OCRC they run 3 qualifiers and a Main. I'm proud to say for not racing for 3 months I'm on my way. I finished first in all three qualifiers. Today I was able to try a setup that was made last Wednesday but was not ran until today. Race  one I finished first with 13 laps in 5:04:169. My fastest lap was 21.639, my top five laps averaged 21.841, and my top ten laps average 22.455 seconds. After my first qualifier, DJ my Team Manager from "OFNA" saw somethings that could help the car run smoother. So we move the positions of the shocks on the rear arms as well as change the shock springs. The second race I was able to adjust the ride height of the buggy right where I need it. So I ran a extra lap. I did 14 laps in 5:23:403 , My fastest lap was 21.672, and the top five average laps where 22.081. I was more consistent with the new set up. The car landed better and was more planted to the track. In the A-Main I had a very good start. I got caught up in some lap traffic and there brothers racing and of course one was faster than the other and I was getting beat up pretty bad while trying to lap the slower brother, but once I got clear I playing catch-up and kept racing. The faster brother put about 7 seconds on me with time winding down but my laps times were better and I was closing but I thought with only two laps to go I would be holding on to second but the leader made that slight mistake for me to get him on the last lap for the win.

Congrats Sean on your win with your new ride hope to see more of those wins and a fresh new body to go with it.

Dan Hopkins Sidewinder Race podium finish for X3 Sabre - 9/11/12 by DJ
Reported by Dan Hopkins - The Sidewinder Nitro Explosion Race is a 2 day event. The 2 best qualifying points were used to based the main event starting position. I didn't make it to the practice day held the day before so I was going in to a fresh layout pretty much blind.

My qualifier goal was to drive smooth & steady for the first 2 rounds & hopefully secure a spot in the A-Main which could leave Round 3 for testing some setup changes. It didn't go exactly how I planned.....

Round 1 - Started nicely, I was on a steady pace, car was nice & stable, I wasn't pushing too hard & I ended up finishing 3rd (4th overall round 1)

Round 2 - Was off to a great start & was even flirting with the TQ pace. Car felt really good & I was cruising in 1st place. Then with about 1:30 left in the qualifier my radio started glitching. The car would turn but the throttle was off/on.. I felt a runaway coming on but tried to muscle the car around the track hoping for a top 3 finish. It didn't happen & ended up last. Now back at the pits, I had to figure out what the heck was going on. Was it a servo? Was it a switch? Was my servo horn stripped? NOPE! Stupid switch lead to battery lead was loose! I put some electrical tape on it & all was good.

Round 3 - I needed a good finish since I was deep in the B-main as far as the points go. I got off to another good start & was battling the top 3 positions. Once again the car felt great. I ended up taking 2nd place.

So my points were now good enough to secure starting position 3 in the A-Main for the Sportsman class.

A-Main - This was a 30minute event. I had never run a 30min. race before and wasn't sure how I was going to handle being up on the drivers stand that long. By now the track was completely blown out. I mean there were craters the size of small swimming pools and they were
everywhere. My strategy was this. If I stay smooth, stay calm, don't try to race EVERYONE, don't break, and get past the 1st turn pile up I would be in good shape at about the 25minute point. So the race started. I came out of the 1st turn and stayed on my wheels....YES.. Then I just stayed the course. The leader was really fast today and I knew it would be tough to beat him so I really didn't even try. Now I am battling for the 3rd position for most of the race with my friend Skye Baker when he has a mishap that gives me some breathing room. With the car feeling great even through the massive bumps I again stayed the course. Now passing the loop the announcer called me in second! There was still a lot of time left. I put the car in cruise control and it was pretty much smooth sailing from there securing the 2nd place podium spot and a HUGE trophy! Needless to say my kids were ecstatic when I got home that night and showed them the trophy.

All in all. The car held up great. I couldn't have asked for anything more. I went in with pretty much the same setup I started with.  Between qualifiers and the main event the only thing I did was clean up the car, change the clutch bearings, and changed the rear sway bar (thinner).

As far as durability for the 2 day event. I broke (1) C-hub after some pretty hard landings on my 3rd qualifier. To be honest I didn't even know I broke it! I finished 2nd in that race! I noticed it when I was cleaning the car for the mains. The X3 has been pretty durable and coming from driving an Xray which is built like a tank that says alot. The big difference is the drive pins and out drives just don't wear! I have yet to break a rear bulkhead. (jinx) This car seems to have the bend but don't break down mentality. I have yet to DNF due to an actual broken part with the X3.
JL .21 Pro engine Proples Team C driver to a win at JBRL - 9/9/12 by DJ
Reported by Dj Sandate - Last weekend the JBRL took a long journey down south about 4miles away from the Mexican border to the Chula Vista track CVRC. It was there that Chad Grana driving a Team C buggy took his class win in Sportsman in the long A-main event from coming last on the first lap and digging in hard and picking off drivers  one by one to get that win using the OFNA JL.21 Pro engine. Chad showed he had the power in the qualifiers but some beating and banging went on in those quals that keep him from that TQ run, so he still makes good time to start in the first half of the A-main. But the start was not so smooth as the train wreck of buggies flew off the big triple and caused gaggle of cars to be wadded up and in that would also be Chad and that first lap was the beat-down lap as Chad would cross the line dead last. But the JL engine had some work to do to put  on the pace and playing catch-up, running longer than anyone else between pits making one less pit than everyone else in 25 minutes of play. The battle for the top spot would go down during the last pit as Chad was working on staying in the lead but mistakes brought 2nd to him and was a tooth and nail battle till the last two minutes as 2nd started to fall apart and Chad could stretch the lead for us to make a safety pit for extra fuel and finish it off for the win. When Chad brought it into the pit after the race the temp showed 212 on the Exergen and the was why cooler than I thought as it was impressive.

    Congrats Chad on that win the JL Engine showed it can race with the big boys of engine manufactures.   

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