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Randy Kung won Supercross Series Round 2 - 1/9/11 by davegm
Reported by Randy Kung - West Coast R/C Raceway: Team Losi Supercross Series Round 2 - Sunday, I ran my 4WD Short Course for the second round of the Supercross Series.  In the first round of qualifying, I set the early TQ finishing in a 14/5:03. However, in the second round, I was able to improve that time to a 15/5:20. As the main events came, I started from the pole and I led the whole race.  With a few minor mistakes I finished in a 14/5:00.6. I earned the TQ and the Win giving me another 101 points!


4x4 Short Course
Randy Kung
Hyper 10sc

Chris Burling TEN-SCTE

Randy Kung takes the double at WCRC - 1/9/11 by davegm
Reported by Randy Kung - West Coast R/C Raceway: With the Supercross series the next day decided to run my Hyper 10, However, I also decided to build and race my new 1/8th scale. In the 4WD SC class, I mainly wanted to see how my new set up is and if it can break my 15/5:18.498 time.  In the first round of qualifying, I started second and finished with the EXCAT time of 15/5:18.498. In the second qualifier, I tried a different shock set up, however, it wasn’t working well at the whoop section and I bobbled there once. I finished in a 14/5:03. I changed back to my old set up for the main. I started from the pole and led the whole race only making minor races. However, I still finished with a 15/5:18, but went a little bit faster as I finished in a 15/5:18.423.


4x4 SC

Randy Kung
Hyper 10sc

Gaige Herrera Hyper 10sc

David Jenson SCRT 10


Reported by Randy Kung - West Coast R/C Raceway: In the Expert 1-8th Scale class, Jason Kung was still not feeling good and decided to go home to rest for tomorrow. I had to take his sign up position and ran my 1-8th scale. In the first qualifier, my older motor wasn’t holding in place and it moved. In the second qualifier, during warm up laps, the motor moved again and I was unable to run the second qualifier. However, for the mains, I decided to try a new motor. I started from last place, but got lucky and got to first place by the first lap. But, after two minutes, I flipped once and lost the lead. In the last minute, I was lucky that the leader bobbled which made me regain the lead and take the win.


Randy Kung
Hyper 9e

Brian Sullivan VE8

Jay P.

Jason wins again at WCRC - 1/5/11 by davegm
Randy Kung won Supercross Series Round 1 - 1/2/11 by davegm
Chad Bradley wins at Hotrod - 12/28/10 by davegm
Kung's take Two wins at WCRC - 12/29/10 by davegm
New 2011 OFNA Catalog is on Online! by davegm
Randy Kung wins Short Course 4x4 - 12/26/10 by davegm
King Kung finish the Team Associated Series - 12/18/10 by davegm
Randy takes the Last Round in Associated Series - 12/17/10 by davegm
New Hyper TTe RTR with 2.4GHz is SHIPPING by davegm

Hyper TTe RTRHyperTTeRTROFNA Hyper TTe RTR - 1/10th Electric Truggy PART #14622 - RTR Assembled: OFNA is proud to announce this new class of race truck for a price you will truly appreciate.  The Hyper 10TTe RTR is a 4wd 1/10 scale truggy with the styling, performance and durability of the newer style 1/8 truggies.  The Hyper 10TT Super-G body increases down force on the nose to take advantage of the drive to the front tires, while the nylon rear wing keeps the rear tires planted every time you hammer the throttle.  With the new HoBao 2.4GHZ system you will feel the control that is free of radio interference.

King Kungs Take Associated Round 5 - 12/11/10 by davegm
Dirt Oval Fall Chassic - 12/5/10 by davegm
2010 OCR Short Course Shootout - Stage III by davegm
Hyper TT runs with the big boys at OCRC - 12/1/10 by DJ
Triple threat of Hyper 9's at Reo Raceway - 11/28/10 by DJ
Thanksgiving Showdown at West Coast - 11/27/10 by DJ
HN pilot Tim Culmsee takes JC Denmark Cup by davegm
Randy takes round 2 from Associated Series - 11/13/10 by davegm
Hyper 9e wins at Reo Raceway - 11/13-10 by DJ

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