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UnBox the HyperStar e Video
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The HYPER STAR electric (not assembled) is the newest high performance buggy in the OFNA arsenal. Loaded with lots of innovative new features that improve handling, suspension, and balance. A front Pivot ball suspension system and a B-Type rear suspension has been installed to give you an ultra smooth steering performance and balanced rear traction. Handling in high and low speed cornering ability has been increased and 17mm big bore shocks are some of the other new upgrades made to make this kit the hi-performance buggy of choice.
The HyperStar incorporates a front Pivot Ball Suspension design, also referred to as PBS. This PBS suspension gives the HyperStar a pro feel and adjustability not found in front C-Hub designs. The large CNC aluminum pivot balls are attached by steel threaded shafts making the connection to the nylon knuckle super strong and light weight. Also noted in the picture, you can see a clean arm design flow with attention to detail. Transmission power is provided to the front wheels by a pair of harden steel universal axles supported by large 8x16mm ball bearings.
Hardcoated and threaded, the 17mm big bore shocks provide smooth performance and long stroke travel for tough conditions, rough tracks and supercross style jumps. Add that to the 4mm shock shafts, dustboots and adjustable collars for a good shock package.
This CNC cut motor mount will hold those high powered KV motors in place. Finished in hard coating the mount is light in weight and has plenty of pinion options.
The HyperStar e radio tray has a hardcoated finish and will fit most servos on the market. The receiver box is enclosed to keep debris out. Also, the easy mount transponder holder is clear from any moving parts on the vehicle.
The center diff is o-ring sealed and lighter in weight than most standard diffs on the market. The diff case is half the size but holds enough diff oil to do the job in keeping the power up and maintaining traction.
This large capacity tray can hold just about any kind of battery on the market. The HyperStar e can be weight adjusted by moving your battery forward or backward in the tray in order to affect forward steering or rear traction.
This 6061 aluminum chassis has the strength to hold up on a big track and the flexibility to help the suspension absorb the bumpiest of conditions. Countersunk screws provide a smooth bottom for the ultimate clearance.
The one piece wing offers lightness while still providing durability to handle those unexpected crashes. Designed for downforce and corner speed, the HyperStar e wing is a look that can't be missed as it blisters down the straight.









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