OFNA Hyper 8.5 Pro - 1/8th 4WD Nitro Buggy
PART #14348 - Unassembled Pro Kit

Welcome the newest competitor to hit the racing circuit: The Hyper 8.5 Pro!
The new Hyper 8.5, by HoBao, has been refined from the ground up, incorporating the most successful aspects of the world reknowned Hyper 8, along with the newest engineering and manufacturing techniques, to bring you the most technologically advanced and economically modest Gas/Nitro RC Race Buggy in the world. Everything has been lightened and strengthened, while the focus remains on professional performance and ease of maintenance. High quality aluminum gives the Hyper 8.5 the bling to stand out from the crowd. Beautiful form and aggressive function at an affordable price.
Pro drivers like Jeremy Kortz and World Champ Greg Dagani have made the switch to the International Hyper Team to drive the new Hyper 8.5 by HoBao. But why should they enjoy all the success? Get your own Hyper 8.5 today and become part of the winning team!!


  Carbon Fiber radio plate, diff plate, and steering plate.
  Big Bore Oil-filled shocks with Teflon pistons.
  Bushing retained suspension hinge pins.
  Oil filled and sealed gear differentials.
  Full ball bearing set.
  Adjustable caster C-hubs.
  Milled 4mm thick aluminum shock towers.
  Hard anodized aluminum chassis.
  Adjustable tie-rods and steering links.
  Polished aluminum chassis braces.
  Metallic radio box cover.
  Laydown steering servo.
  Dual bellcrank with servo saver.
  Aluminum center dogbones.
  High performance polished, tuned pipe included.
  Steel spur and clutchbell.
  Ultra rigid suspension arms.
  Low profile racing body and sleek wing.

ABOVE: Everything has been mounted closer to the center of the chassis for championship-winning performance

ABOVE: Center of gravity and roll center lower than the previous model. Large air filter profiled for improved air induction.

ABOVE: Lightweight curved suspension arms to maintain strength. Steering ball ends shaped for max steering without lock without fouling.

ABOVE: Smaller shocks with more travel. Upper arm designed with angled ball joint to prevent wheel bind.

Additional Features

  Front caster block has interchangeable inserts for different caster angles, does not require removal of driveshaft.
  No E-clips, Inboard hinge pins in captive supports front and rear. Outboard hinge pins secured with setscrew.
  Rollbars have one piece molded connectors, which are accurate and light weight.
  Gearbox casing more compact and is not chassis mounted for protection, with diff mounted lower
  New fuel tank does not require 90deg opening for fast filling.
  Rear hubs feature interchangeable inserts to alter track width by 0.15mm each side.
  New 2-piece brake mount for quick spur gear change.
  AMB mount features wire runner for personal transponders.
  Sealed radio box for water protection and easy access with the antenna tube held in with setscrew.
  Rear upper arm features angled ball joint to allow more suspension down travel without binding on wheel.
  Rear toe-in adjustable with different color hub inserts.
  New suspension geometry allows more travel combined with smaller shocks for less weight.
  Shocks feature 3.5mm shafts and more space behind blatter for more consistent performance.
  New caster blocks. Choose from 18, 20, or 22, bottom block of C-hub changes caster.
  New design fuel tank and high flow air filter as well as sealed chrome top radio box.
  A smaller gear box, new suspension geometry and light weight arms allows for more travel.
  Carbon Fiber radio plate, diff plate, and steering plate.











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