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UnBox the Hyper7 TQ Video
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The Hyper7 TQ is the latest revamped version of the HYPER 7 chassis. Just about everything on this kit is black, the chassis, the aluminum top deck, the shock towers, the front steering brace and the engine head giving this kit it's black theme. With an upgraded Force JL.28 pull start nitro engine & 14mm shocks this kit is souped-up more than ever before. Durable and economic this classic kit has stood through the test of time and continues to deliver with the strong finish.
Big block power propels the Buggy in the right way fast and foward, the Force .28 engine puts down powerful low end torque and speed. A supersized cooling head to keeps this monster cool run after run and a dual stage air filter prevents your engine from getting harmful particles down deep into the engine.
TQ keeps to what they know best in consistent steering and strength with the C-hub steering, an aluminum steering knuckle with two rubber sealed bearings pivoting with universal drive shafts. This Tq will stand the test of time.
A Hyper high polished pipe compliments the JL engine, it will make the JL engine sound like a beast as it is sport tuned for maximun sound and power.
Hyper TQ suspension has been updated with big 14mm aluminum shocks, they work in sync with the heavy duty arms for solid performance, sway bars front and rear keep the buggy cornering well. Tq was made for all out bashing to the Max.
A two comparment sealed radio box holds your RTR receiver and battery in place a redesign from the 1st Genneration. The Hyper7 TQ is lighter and more compact with a better switch placement for easy off/on power, the switch is also protected with a silicon switch cover to keep the dirt and grim from locking up your switch..
Two stand-up servos are being held in place by a black aluminum radio tray for minimal flex for consistant braking and throttle and a torque servo to hold the corners, set with the steering is a spring loaded sevro saver system that keep your servo from getting over-run and good feature for a long lasting car.
A sturdy heavy duty wing is there to help ensure your high flying jumps and crashes don't leave you with a broken tail. Made from a heavy duty molded copmposite this wing can handle it all.









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