OFNA Hyper10-TT Electric RTR - 1/10th Scale 4x4 Truggy
PART #14622 - RTR

OFNA is proud to announce this new class of race truck. Countless hours have gone into developing a 1/10 scale truck to take advantage of the lighter and more powerful LiPo batteries and brushless motor systems available today. The Hyper 10TT is a 4wd 1/10 scale truggy with the styling, performance and durability of the newer style 1/8 truggies. The Hyper 10TT Super-G body increases down force on the nose to take advantage of the drive to the front tires, while the nylon rear wing keeps the rear tires planted every time you hammer the throttle. Superb handling combined with durability to handle the strongest 540 and 550 motors equates to a truggy that really halls the mail around the track.

Technical Data
Length: 14.5 in
Width: 12.25 in
Weight: varies
Wheel Base: 11 in


Electronic Speed Contol
2.4 DSSS Radio
Electric Motor
All Steel Drive Train
Pivot Ball Suspension
13 Tooth Laser Etched Pinion
3 Oil Filled Differentials
PBS System with Caster Adjustment
Aluminum Threaded Shocks
Front & Rear Adjustable Sway Bars
Adjustable Turnbuckles
Front CVA's
Painted Body
18 Ball Bearings
Droop, Wheelbase& Camber Adjustments
6061 Aluminum Chassis with Kickup
Low Profile Advanced Forward Truck Body
12mm-2.2 Dished Truck Wheels
High Impact Truggy Wing
Velcro Strapped Battery Holder
Low Center of Gravity Diff Housings
And Much, Much, More...

Front Suspension

Rear Suspension

Brushed Electric Motor

Molded Battery Tray

Pivot Ball Suspension

Electronic Speed Controller










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