Part #14355, 14356
UnBox the Hyper7 TQ Video
Are you looking for something fresh and exciting in the world of RTR buggies then look no further! The Hyper SS buggy has style and performance. The SS is packed with updated features that will make your head spin. Like the front kinpin style steering that has a great amount of chassis clearance, the front suspension with a captured upper turnbuckle to minimize upper arm flex, the arching in the upper arm adds strength. Big bore shocks keep the suspension moving along over what it needs to overcome wether in the air or deep in the terrain these shocks are ready. The JL.28 powerplant will tear into the dirt and pushes the Hyper SS with speed and grunt. Hyper SS will also come with a choice of white or black prepainted bodies, they look great as your blasting through the dirt. Hyper SS will make its mark in you mind and you will never forget it and so will your friends "It's Mindboggling" ..
Big block power propels the Buggy in the right way fast and foward, the Force .28 engine puts down powerful low end torque and speed. A supersized cooling head to keeps this monster cool run after run and a dual stage air filter prevents your engine from getting harmful particles down deep into the engine.
King-pin hub suspension gives the utmost clearance for the front arms to be a high as possible to prevent chassis scrub, the steering is also set to have a large amount of active steering, these components are strong and light. Hyper SS is up to speed.
Hyper polished tuned pipe offers a nice look and has a good powerband for the Jl.28 engine.
17mm Shocks are hard coated and black anodized for that intimadating look, 4mm shock shafts and large volume shock bodies prodived solid performance.
A composite radio holds in the two servos,battery and receiver, matainance is done with less work as all these components come out togethr. A silicon switch cover keeps the grit out and battery and receiver are enclosed in their boxes, you can even set-up a transponder on the box for when you need to race.
Stones and mud guards are there further keeping the dirt out, the body tighly wraps with the guards and the rear mud guards vent the mess away from suspension.









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