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The Hyper SS platform now has something for on road/street/drift fans with this new creation from Hobao. Utilizing the Hyper SS tried and trusted front rear suspension the Hyper GT is slightly stretched in the wheelbase to provide a semi-scale 1/8th on road street machine. Suspension is optimized for on road performance with compact aluminum shocks and heavy duty springs all coupled with new low profile shock towers. Front and rear anti roll bars and adjustable droop screws all help you adjust the GT to any required on road chassis setting whether it be slammed for drifting, racing or just parking lot bashing.


Its a fast and powerful engine combined with the polished tuned pipe offers a great power package on the Hyper GT. The big block combined with the two speed transmission will spring the GT into action like a rocket.
large 17mm black coated shocks hold a large volume of shock oil for suberb dampening, quick and easy ride height collars sets up your chassis clearance with a few turns of the collars.
Hypers like to shine a lot so a polished tuned pipe is right for the fixing to the GT, this pipe will sound heavy and full of power when you lay into the JL engine.
The one piece radio tray does the job of getting all your electronic components out in a hurry for quick and easy maintenance. Battery box, servos and receiver box all come out as one.
A huge foamfront bumper will save you from those heavy impacts.
King-pin hub suspension gives the utmost clearance for the front arms to be a high as possible to prevent chassis scrub, the steering is also set to have a large amount of active steering, these components are strong and light.
These semi slick tires are great for traction, soft rubber for superior corner speed and forward acceleration, these babies will have the Hyper up to speed in no time. Combine that with the plush Black Mesh wheels and the Hyper GT looks fast stading still.
A matching orange anodized aluminum chassis that is light weight and extremely durable will help your goal of reaching maximum speed
A top down view to help see the layout of all the components that go into this on-road racing machine.









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