So You Want To Race..
by Kevin Johnston (OFNA DUDE)

When you get to the track, you may have a board with frequency clips. Make sure your frequency is there and take it and keep it with you while running the car. If someone had your frequency, either switch crystals (or if you dont have extras) go find the person with your frequency and see if they have extras. Now that you have your frequency clip, you can run on the track for practice without worrying about someone on your frequency.

Singups come next, they will ask for your name, frequency, back up frequency (again if you have one) class, and money.

You can now go back to practice.

Next they will call up by class for qualifiers. Check the sheet and see which class you are in. You will marshall the class after yours. If you are in the last class, you will marshall the first class.

When marshalling stand at a high-crash zone and watch and flip all cars quickly. Make sure to keep a keen eye out to avoid getting hit.

Your track may be different, but somehow you will have to figure out which transponder you have to take when your class is called. For me, the class is associated with a color, and my name with a number, so for instance I might be in the red class, and the second on the list, so I grab the second red transponder. Mount the transponder in the holder on the servotray with a clip, and go out and run for practice. Then you will have to drive into the pits and fuel up. Race your qualifier and your done. Take off the transponder and put it back on the charging unit. Now drop your car back at your place and run out to marshall.

2 or 3 sets of qualifier rounds will be run. At the end of a round there will be a short break (20 minutes or so, for everyone to wrench and tune, you can also practice) and then the next round of qualifiers begins.

After qualifiers are over you will have to check the sheet again to see what main you are in. Based on your best qualifing time, you will be placed in a main. A-main means you ran well enough to be placed in the "expert" main. B-main (if theres even enough people for different mains) will consist of the next 8 fastest people. C-main is the next 8 and so on... you may only have one main though if there are 8 or less qualifiers.

You will now have a new color and number for your transponder, but everything else is the same. The mains are also longer so remember you must refuel at some point during the race.

I hope this information helps you get started at the track if you decide to try serious racing.

P.S. I have no clue how your track will decide which transponder you have, or even if your track uses transponders, so its best to just ask anybody. If you ever need a tool you dont have just ask. 99% of the people you will ask will help you out, and are glad to do it. A grown man came up to me and asked me how to find which transponder he had, and I was glad to show him, so don't think people won't help you.











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