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UnBox the GT-V2e RTR Video

The GT-V2e RTR is the best semi-pro GT car out there, as it is so close to its Pro cousin. This V2 is ready. Just drop in your batteries and get going. Ready to Rip is the name of the game as we have strapped in a high powered KV brushless motor and a 4 cell Li-Po capable electronic speed control. Your steering is handled by a robust metal gear servo helping you turn those V-treaded tires off a corner and blister onto the straight away. The chassis is built with a full bearing set. Less friction means more speed and run time. Oil filled aluminum shocks dampen the road ahead and high impact bumpers front and rear save your car from those not so great moments. Covering your beautiful undercariage is your choice of painted detailed bodies. The choice is easy when your RTR has the looks and the speed to back it up.

GT-V2e RTR comes with 2.4GHz technology for full control from transmitter to receiver. Light and compact the transmitter feels comfortable in your hands. No danger of antenna breakage as this one is internal. Steering and Throttle trims along with a Dual Rate setting keep the car going in the right direction. The steering wheel looks killer as it is mega spoked with a foam cushion doughnut for comfort. Most RTR radios are just an after thought but our 2.4GHz radio shows we mean serious business.
RTR means it is ready to go but ours is Ready to Rip as we break threshold speeds with our high amped electronic brushless speed control and brushless motor. Easy to use, just plug in your batteries and head on out to the road and launch your GT-V2e RTR with amazing speed. The motor 41.5mm X 68.50 can is non sensored with a 5mm shaft for those Mod 1 pinions. The motor is locked in with a 16 tooth Mod 1 pinion. This is just the right balance for speed and run time.
Your micro receiver is safe from harm contained in a sealed box. The box is also the servo mount for the metal geared servo that is equipped in the RTR. Saving your servo from utter harm is the spring loaded servo saver system. Adjust the spring collar for the right amount of spring tension to keep the servo from going to full lock up. In the event of a hard crash the spring will cushion the blow sheltering the servo from mass destruction.
In the event of a hard crash the full foam front bumper keeps the front from a full crash wipeout. Sandwiched between the upper and lower bumper decks, the high dense foam absorbs some of the kenetic energy that would otherwise transfer into the chassis. The rear bumper not only saves the rear end, but also does difusser work to help rear stability.
Oil filled aluminum shocks dampen the GT-V2e RTR's suspension. These shocks have a large volume bore but are a short design for low clearance. Aluminum shock caps, thick shock shafts and linear springs finish the shock package.
The GT-V2e RTR has the strength of a buggy with full bodied arms, solid caster blocks and steering knuckles. The CVAs keep the car moving foward with good handling from the steering and the up and down travel from the arms keeping it going at full speed. Adjustable turnbuckles for camber and steering help you dial in more camber and toe if necessary for any situation.
Setup is a breeze in the rear as the shock tower has shock position changes and inner camberlink angles, a sway bar to control roll, adjustable turnbuckles for camber setting, an anti-squat plate with degree inserts and an aluminum rear toe plate with degree inserts to help the high speed stability of the car.
Your brushless motor needs a motor mount made of full aluminum and that is what you get with the GT-V2e RTR. Both the center bearing mount and motor mount are cut together for no motor flex, saving your center spool from uneven flex and torque. The other diff mount is also aluminum in order to handle the heat of the bearing. This is where pro engineering comes in play for this OFNA RTR.
The GT-V2e RTR body is painted and has the look of sport and speed. 6 spoke white wheels compliment the bodies and racer V-tread tires have long wear and good grip. A stunning look for a stunning car that's going to get the attention of others watching you having fun. More bodies choices are coming soon!









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