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Disney, Time Beauty and Beast Bracelets

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 27, 2017 11:36 pm    Post subject: Disney, Time Beauty and Beast Bracelets Reply with quote

Thereís just cheap pandora charms one more sleep until Christmas and Iím celebrating today with my final Pandora Christmas 2017 review of the year. This time itís the Holiday Wreath, a dangle decked out with beautiful enamel in holly green and berry red. I hope that youíre all having a lovely day today, and that you might find time to take a peek at this charm review, as the Wreath is an instant favourite for me. Read on for a last-minute dose of festive bead inspiration! This is a little bit of an unexpected review, as I wasnít planning on getting this bead initially, much as I liked it from the stock image. Iíd been planning for the Jared exclusive ornament promo for weeks, but, as it happened, it ended up coinciding with a surprise Pandora US sale! This meant that my previously chosen charms for the Jared promo didnít end up hitting the spend, and so my friend, having to make a decision in store, chose this for me to make it up. Itís absolutely gorgeous, and Iím so glad that she did!

As if often the case, the stock image pandora uk outlet sale doesnít convey the subtleties of the colour in person. The red enamel in my charm is a little darker, while the green is shimmery and iridescent. Itís not at all a versatile bead in terms of styling Ė itís pretty in-your-face Christmassy Ė but this does also mean that itís a beautiful focal bead, more than capable of carrying a bangle or leather bracelet design on its own, or being worn as a festive necklace pendant. The back is similarly pretty, mirroring the front of the design in silver. I actually really love the back of the design; it could have been plain, flat silver, but theyíve added some little twists of detailing, bringing out the back of the bow and the wreath itself. The charm feels solid and well-made, which is especially nice considering how reasonably priced this bead in compared to others in the collection.

One of my favourite campaign images from the collection is this pandora charms sale clearance one, which simply throws a bunch of the Christmas charms together, highlighting how the colours and themes complement each other. You can also see how cute this design looks in miniature Ė the Holiday Wreath petite looks super cute in this festive floating locket design. So I thought Iíd show my Wreath styled with my other Christmas picks from the latest collection Ė the Polar Bear and the Bright Ornament, both of which Iíve reviewed already.:D This bangle design strikes me as being more contemporary with the large amount of silver on show and the flicks of colour, but on balance I think Iíd add a lovely bright red murano or something just to give this one a bit more kick. Finally, this is pretty much how Iíll be styling my Wreath dangle. My OH is getting me the Heart of Winter bangle as part of my Christmas present, and Iíll be wearing it alone on that for the festive season next year.

This is really pandora charms disney.
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