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OFNA Hyper 9e Issues

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 08, 2009 5:35 am    Post subject: OFNA Hyper 9e Issues Reply with quote

Howdy all,

I finally have everything I need to get my Buggy going.While I still believe that OFNA offers a good quality kit for the money, I am going to list a few issues that may be addressed and resolved in the future. This is the official OFNA Forum after all.

1.) Pro-Line Crowd Pleazer body is the same one used for the original Hyper 9 Pro which of course had to accommodate the muffler and the Chassis Guards with the built in radio box. The Hyper 9e has a redesigned chassis with no chassis guards and no option to install them. So body is too wide, allowing dirt and debris to enter into the workings of the buggy without doing some type of homemade modification. I have seen this complaint in other forums, so I am not the only one seeing this as an issue.

Fix: Please offer the ability to install an after market/Hop Up Chassis Guard Kit to allow Mud Guards, such as a redesigned/milled chassis. If Novak offered a conversion for the Hyper 9 I would purchase it just to fix this oversight.

2.) 40 Tooth Spur Gear with 32 Pitch 14 Tooth Steel Pinion Gear. For those of us who want to utilize a fat motor (42 mm) Such as a Tekin RX8, there is no way to mesh the gearing together properly, as the can will hit the front differential cup. Going the other way, the can will hit the antenna. So in brief the owner will need to purchase a 15 or 16 Tooth Pinion Gear to be able to get full gear mesh without hitting the Differential Cup.

Fix: Please include a 15 or 16 Tooth Pinion Gear in the kit, and address the antenna getting hit by a longer can such as the Tekin RX8 2000kv Truggy Motor. This can runs much cooler than most of it's counterparts with the aggressive gearing this buggy has inherently. There is no option to install a larger Spur Gear.

3.) Out of the box the differentials are leaky.

Fix: This one is self explanatory.

In conclusion, the Hyper 9e in all is a wonderful, and well built product, with the exception of these few issues would basically be perfect. I want to stay with OFNA/HoBao, so in the future will be purchasing The Jammin' X2 series (Buggy and Truggy) and converting them to electric. The Jammin' series offer much more in the way of Hop Ups and Third Party parts support. Myself and others around here are sick of the dominance of Associated and Losi kits at the track. ;)

Thank you.


Houston, TX

Gulf Coast Racers
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