With the release of the DM-One Pro-Touring Nitro Sedan 1/7th car, a new larger class of Pro Racing is now possible. Larger than the OFNA GTP kits, the DM-ONE has the look and feel of a more scale nitro racer. Based on the super strong X-1 transmission, the speed and performance will more than meet your racing expectations. The attention to pro level detail was overseen by Jeffrey Lin of JLRacing. Jeffrey pushed the design into a new era for OFNA with a class that we hope can be followed.

With the DM-ONE, size and speed does matter!
DM-ONE Pro 1/7th Nitro, N-Type #34322
DM-ONE Pro 1/7th Nitro, M-C Type #34321


2 Speed Transmission (Shoe Type)

Front Universals

CNC Lightened Chassis

Hard Anodized 13mm Shocks

Carbon Fiber Low Center Gravity Radio Tray

Sealed Differentials Front & Rear

Adjustable Sway Bars Front & Rear

Re-enfored Side Body Mounts

Exhaust Deflector

Sealed Pivot Ball Suspension

Rubber Boots Cover PBS Suspension

Rear Diffuser Creates More Down Force

CNC Lower Engine Mount

CNC Front & Rear Chassis Brace

Special Transponder Mount

And Much More

ABOVE: Rear Push Rod Suspension and Rear Adjustable Blade Sway Bar

ABOVE: 4mm CNC Aluminum Milled Out Chassis

ABOVE: Complete Car Angled View

ABOVE: Radio Tray

ABOVE: Chrome Exhaust Detail


ABOVE: Front Push Rod Suspension with High Impact Bumper and Front Adjustable Blade Sway Bar

ABOVE: CNC Shock Mount Heat Sink

ABOVE: 2 Speed Transmission, Performance Brake Pads and Transponder Mount

ABOVE: Front Pivot Ball Suspension with Boot Covers

ABOVE: Rear Pivot Ball Suspension with Boot Covers

ABOVE: Chrome Exhaust Detailing

ABOVE: Wing with Mounts












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